The night after my April disappeared was the hardest night of my entire life. John even tried to help comfort me, something I never thought I would see him do. But it seems that he was equally distressed over the fact our dear daughter was missing.

The evening would only get worse as the search kept on. The police were no help what-so-ever, in fact they suspected foul play on either my own or Sukeenas account which was absolutely infuriating! Why would I, or my dearest friend do any harm to precious April?

Sukeena had her own plan to take care of the issue the cops were creating. I never realized exactly what sort of powers my friend had until this night. I know that she only used them because they left her no choice, it was them, or us. The choice was obvious and my dear friend did all that she could.

Without laying a single hand upon the officer, Sukeena managed to drain the very life right from his body. I watched from the window as she chanted and danced until the man fell to her feet, dead as he could be. Upon her leaving his body in the solarium the plants seemed to come to life. Vines covered the ground and walls, and when they receded again his body was gone!

The rest of the police fled the house, fearing for their own lives without any further investigation. John was utterly furious at Sukeena, he threatened to remove her from the premises as soon as he could get the cops to come back. Neither she nor I was about to let that happen though.

Sukeena came up with a plan later that evening. It was a brilliant plan that would rid us of having to put up with John for the rest of our lives! She would lure him up to the tower, and we would push him from the window! It would look as if he had committed suicide and we would finally be free to live as we pleased!


Sukeena approached John in the hall one afternoon, attempting to apologize for all the stuff which had happened after April had gone missing. At first he blew her off, wanting her to just leave him alone so he could go on about whatever business he was tending to, but then she offered him something he just couldn’t refuse.

She offered to tend to his ‘manly’ needs while I was out at the market. Claimed to have a nice spot set up in the tower just for the two of them and that I wouldn’t have to know about their arrangement. It worked like a charm. John couldn’t resist an offer like that, I knew he wouldn’t, especially since he and I had not been united in quite a long time.

He followed her like a lost puppy follows a stranger, so trusting and ignorant. She swayed her hips back and forth as she climbed the steps to the tower, luring him even closer. The plan was going exactly as we had hoped it would.

As soon as John reached the top of the steps I came up from behind him and started pushing him towards the window which Sukeena had opened. It was then he realized what was going on and was too shocked to do anything about it.

Seeing him laying there brought me more joy than it should have. I was free! The house was mine, and all of the fortune. Not that it mattered, my daughter was gone, my son was growing up under someone’s care, but at least I had Sukeena.

JUNE 1918 

The two of us became even closer without John around to stop us. Instead of being my servant Sukeena was now my partner and also master of this house just as much as I was. It felt so good to be the two of us, I was happy for once in a very long time. To complete our happy little family I decided to call Adam home from boarding school! I couldn’t wait to finally have my son back at Rose Red.


Until today life had been wonderful, but now a horrible thing has happened! Sukeena is gone! Rose Red, once again jealous of my affections for someone else had stolen someone so dear to my heart. I fear now that I will go completely insane if I have not already. I can not risk anyone else going missing and so I shall fire the entire staff, my son is moving out on his own so I shall live here alone, and Rose Red shall die as I will too one day.

MARCH 1950

Ellen grew older, and lonelier as time wore on. She kept her word and had no one but herself in the house for many, many years. Even as her condition worsened she would not call anyone in to help her for fear the house would claim another life.

She was near the age of seventy when she died. Adam called on her every day and finally when she didn’t respond he came in looking for her, but he never found a trace of her. Unsure what to do with the family home he finally decided to keep it and one day turn it into a museum of his family’s history.

“It is said that from time to time Rose Red can be heard laughing or crying– that the sound carries for miles and is often mistaken for either a wild animal or a ship’s horn.”* She still stands today, in Seattle Washington as a bed and breakfast for any of those who may be brave enough to stay the night.

*This is an actual quote from the Diary of Ellen Rimbauer and not my words.



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Part Two


Tina had finally arranged a time for Sukeena and I to meet Madame Lu. She had insisted upon this before there would be any talk of her coming out to Rose Red. I didn’t mind one bit, especially since I hadn’t really talked to John about this yet what-so-ever.

I was so excited I didn’t know where to begin to ask my questions regarding the house and our latest disappearance. Sukeena didn’t put a lot of faith into Madame Lu, but she came along to keep me company and did her best to stay silent. I had never visited a medium before and had no idea how these things worked.

She asked very little, and told me just about as much. Explaining that there are “many” forms to life and that Ms. Fauxmantuer was not alive in the way we think of living, but her spirit was still very much alive! She also explained she very rarely left the comfort of her home, but would do so for us and hold a séance, but not until the child in my womb was born! How she knew was truly amazing since I wasn’t due until April, and hadn’t even told John about the baby yet!

APRIL 1911 

The night had finally come where I was to give birth to my second child. This labor was nothing like what I had with Adam. I must have been a fool to think it would be easier the second time around. I labored for many hours with Sukeena and another Dr assisting me, I thought this baby may never come out!

Finally she did manage to make it out safe and sound, although my woman-hood not so much. My daughter, who I came to name April after the month of her birth, would be my last child as I am not barren. This upsets me so, as now I truly serve no purpose to John I am sure.

JUNE 1911 

A couple months after Aprils birth Madame Lu came as she said she would to our grand house. I was trembling with excitement of what might unfold on this evening when we finally communicate with our house and find out why it keeps taking innocent lives, or for some not-so-innocent.

Although John had finally agreed for this to happen, I could still clearly see his dissapproval by the look on his face. Madame Lu began to explain what was expected of everyone for this night to go according to plan. I paid full attention to every word I could of her broken english so that I would not mess up this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Mr. Posey had also volunteered to attend, but I could tell he was regretting his decision! He looked truly frightened and this was before the seance had even began! He had good reason to be frightened though, as I would come to find out later.

When everything finally got underway Madame Lu’s head dropped, then lifted with a cloud of smoke and an omonious light upon her face. She mumbled her words, fast and quietly but I could tell it was not her voice. It was like the house was talking through her! It was a truly frightening sight and especially since we could not understand what she was saying.

John jumped up suddenly, not sure if it was out of fear or anger, but Madame Lu was clearly upset with him. After a short exchange of some harsh words between the two of them he turned to me. At first completely speechless, which I will admit was quite refreshing since he always seemed to know just what to say.

He took out his frustrations on me, like he usually did. Telling me that all this mess was my fault and that he hoped I was happy for what I had done tonight, which I still wasn’t quite sure what all that was. Although I was quite sure that all the deaths had NOT been my fault, but his! It had all resulted from his indescretions, no matter how much he denied them!

For the first, but certainly not the last, time in our marriage I put my foot down and told John exactly what I thought of him and his past behavior. Threatening him within an inch of his life what might happen if he was to ever do anything like that ever again. Of course he wasn’t happy with me, but was also not in any mood to argue with me further and just stormed off to his chambers.

Once the guests had left Madame Lu approached me about her concerns with what she learned from communicating with the house that evening. She explained why men ended up dead and women missing. It was because the house could see into our souls, and knew the evil that lurked inside the men and how the women were merely victims of that evil. So taking these women to live here in spirit was the houses way of freeing them! It all made so much sense, but she cautioned me to not get too comfortable because the house was also feeding off the evil of these men and could very well have it’s own bad intentions.


The last couple years have been quite un-eventful. No one has turned up missing or dead and I feel it is all because we now understand the house and know how to keep her happy! John and Douglas on this night however have gotten into quite the argument! I could easily overhear their squabble while just in the next room. Oh if John ever found out I was ease dropping he would be furious!

Apparently Douglas had been up to his own little indecencies, except instead of chasing skirts he was chasing some young man at the company. My husband was more than disgusted by this although Douglas’ actions were not much different than those of my husbands except in regards to the gender. He was so upset in fact he forced Douglas to sell him his share of the company! He wanted him gone, forever!

Douglas was not backing down without a fight and this made John even more upset. He told him that not only would he make sure he got out of their business he would also never be welcome at our house ever again! How this upset me too, for Douglas had been such a good friend over these years and was also very close to the children.


Of course Douglas had his own plans, and one day by some miracle managed to sneak into the house unnoticed by anyone, that is until he happened upon the children playing in Johns den, which they often did when their father was not around and I was not going to stop them.

Had I known what his plans were then I might have thought better to keep my children out of that room. Douglas apparently thought nothing of the childrens presence or what his actions might do to them because he went right on with it like they weren’t even there.

Douglas was not just having a casual drink, he had intentionally posioned himself! My poor children stood by and watched as he consumed the toxic drink and then watched as Mr. Posey slowly began to expire!

When the children realized what was happening it was already too late. There was nothing they could have done to stop “Uncle Dougs” death, as that is what they always called him. I suppose the requirements John made of Douglas were more painful than any death and that is why he chose this route.

And so after many years without incident Rose Red had finally claimed another life, and my poor children were witness to it all! Adam seemed to go back to normal fairly quickly, I suppose it’s just the way boys are. April on the other hand continued to suffer as the events played on in her mind over and over again.


As soon as the next school year was upon us John announced Adam would be going off to boarding school! I could not stand the fact he was sending my son away, but I knew why he was doing it. With Adam being his only son, and heir to his fortune, he wanted to protect him from this place the only way he knew how, getting him out of there! So it is with a heavy heart I said goodbye to my son.

Now with April being my only child I would not let her out of my sight! I spent every waking moment I could with her, trying to help her to forget what had happened to Douglas those few months ago. It seemed though the more I tried, the further away she became.

I was determined not to lose both of my children so I tried even harder! Now having April sleeping in my chambers with me so I could be with her as she and I slept! This also served to keep my husband away from me as well since he would not dare call on me with our child in the very same bed!

Just when I thought I might be getting my daughter back to the happy child she was before seeing a man take his own life the unthinkable happened! I was sitting with her while she played with an exact replica of Rose Red, a toy she loved more than anything. I never looked away from her for more than a second or two despite reading a book her figure was always in my feild of vision which is why I can not understand what happened next!

In the second it took me to close my book and put it down she was gone! My baby girl had vanished! Was she the houses next victim? But why? Why would the house take my daughter!? I had to find her! I would never leave this house until I found my precious little girl!

Part One


For the most part I spent my days with Sukeena. We were growing very close, almost more like sisters, daily. She had grown lots of beautiful flowers, trees, and other plants in our little solarium. She definitely had what some might call a green thumb, for I had never seen plants grow so fast or so well in such a place.

The most impressive of all these were the red roses, which Sukeena insists she did not plant. Not that I don’t believe her, but I’m just a little skeptical about how they got there if no one planted them? They were a vivid, almost blood-red in color. In fact they were my inspiration when I came up with a name for our grand house, Rose Red.

Finally the night of our first inaugural ball had come. I had picked out a fabulous gown which I had found in France, it was a little more stylish that what we had here in Seattle at the time. As guests arrived I greeted them and got compliments from each and every one about my gown! As much of a hit as it turned out to be I just might have to wear it at all our events!

Among our guests for the night were some of Johns business partners, celebrities, anyone of any importance to society was there. One woman in particular seemed to catch Johns eye, a Ms. Connie Fauxmantuer. I’m not really sure where her place in this society was, but she was certainly stunning enough to pull it off.

Knowing my husband would not dare risk his image at this particular function I tried to push any thoughts of him with her out of my mind. I spent a good part of the evening talking to John partner, Mr. Douglas Posey. He was the only one of our guests which I had met prior to this evening since he was always here after business hours with John, working.

As the evening wore on and some of our guests began to leave John made it a point to keep feeding me beverages, to loosen me up, as he put it. What he wanted to do that for I was not quite certain, unless he was planning an after-party of sorts. I believe I did quite well at entertaining our guests seeing as I had never hosted a party quite like this before.

Late in the evening, or early in the day, whichever you prefer. Our last guest left and Johns intentions became quite clear. I was too tired and too inebriated to resist his advances and so I succumbed to my husband for the first time in our new house.

What surprised me the most about that evening was how gentle John was, despite being under the influence. He even asked for my forgiveness to his prior indiscretions to which I agreed that we would start over, like our wedding night all over again, I only hoped this time he wouldn’t disappoint me.

MARCH 1909

I am pleased to announce that with help from my friend Sukeena I find myself with child once more. If not for her aid the evening of the ball I might not be blessed now with this, and she has tended to me ever so carefully these past few months. She knows how badly I want this child, to have something worth living for!

I fear Johns apology to me was made that night only on behalf of the juice he had drunk. I never actually caught him, but without him visiting my chambers I knew he was taking to someone elses. More than likely one of the many staff we have here at Rose Red.

Another reason for this assumption I have is that just the other evening one of the maids went missing! Vanished! Laura, our head of housekeeping, said she last saw the woman taking out the trash. She recalled being not even 10 feet behind her and when she rounded the corner after her she was gone! Sukeena warns me that this is the house stealing souls to feed itself, but I have a strange sense of calm, almost like the house is protecting me.

JUNE 1909

A few months after our maids mysterious disappearance I invited one of my good friends, before I ever laid eyes on John, over for tea. Tina Coleman was delighted to come and see me, and it was to her I spilled my ideas and theories about the house to.

Tina suggested I get a medium to come and investigate further my suspicions of the house. I couldn’t help but laugh, John would never go for something of this nature! Although I will admit the idea was intriguing I just couldn’t see my husband agreeing to something that would more than likely be frowned upon by his peers.


The months passed quickly and before I knew it, it was time to bring my first child into the world. It was not an easy labor by any means, but with the help of Sukeena I finally managed to deliver a perfectly healthy baby boy in the wee hours of the morning.

I decided to call him Adam, since he was the first, and hopefully not the last of many children I will bring into this world. Oh the joy I find just gazing into his little face. Had I not been so tired I do believe I could have held him all night long. But thank goodness for Sukeena! She watched over him, waking me only when he was in need of nourishment from my bosom.

It did not take me long to recover from childbirth and I could finally spend my days with little Adam. He was a welcome distraction from all the other activities going on with my husband and his “work”, of which he seemed to be doing a lot more of lately. He would not even so much as look my direction when it came to his needs.

Of course he was more than happy that I had given him a son, the heir he so desperately desired which none of his other women could give him. Any children of his they might have merely bastards which he of course would want nothing to do with, what-so-ever.

Unfortunately my health did not last and I once again fell ill to the sickness my husband gave me back in our days in Africa. With Sukeena to nurse me, I would recover in just a few weeks. Just in time to start preparing for our 2nd inaugural which we would be hosting in January.


Looking back at that night I can’t believe I didn’t see what was going on. I suppose I was too busy keeping our guests entertained that I never noticed John keeping one guest in particular entertained. In fact I still don’t know that I’ve put all the pieces together.

I never would have guessed it to be going on right under my nose and everyone elses but both of them disappeared for a time. Not long, but long enough apparently that Sukeena noticed. Of course she said nothing to me during the party, to which I’m thankful because I’m not sure I could have kept my composure.

It wasn’t until much later that I even noticed her missing. By that time John was back and to me had seemed like he’d been there the whole time. Trying not to alarm everyone I set a few servants out to search for her and at the end they found absolutely nothing to even indicate she had even been at the party at all!

I argued with John about how we should handle this. It was the second disappearance and to me the most disturbing. The house seemed to be protecting me, but at the time I knew nothing of Ms. Fauxmantuers indecencies with my husband so I was puzzled as to why the house chose her.

No matter how much I pleaded he insisted that if we got the law involved his company and our public image would suffer! I suppose these things are much more important to John than any ones life, including my own. I felt so defeated, he wouldn’t listen to a word I had to say and went as far as to threaten me of what would happen should I call them behind his back.

But I was determined not to give up so easily. As I got myself ready for bed that evening I thought about what I could do. I kept coming up with plans that I thought I could possibly get away with only to determine they were too unrealistic. And so that night I was given a dream, or as some might say a premonition as to what the solution might be!

The very next morning I spoke with Sukeena about my plans. Much like John and I the night before she begged me not to go through with it, but my mind was made up. I insisted we must do whatever we could to find out the fate of Ms. Fauxmantuer and the only person I thought may be able to provide that information was no other than Madame Lu! I would talk to Tina and arrange to hold a séance here at Rose Red!


MAY 1907

Early that morning Mr. Corbin, construction foreman, was checking in with a member of his staff as to the status of a shipment of supplies that were supposed to be delivered earlier that morning. You see, it was this day the ground was finally broken and construction was to begin on a grand house, one that was intended to be a wedding present for Ellen Gilcrist, John Rimbauers soon to be fiance.

Apparently there had been some sort of delay with a number of the supplies and Mr. Corbin was not happy about it, to say the very least. Many of the other workers heard the two men exchanging less than polite words back and forth, which of course was nothing new when it came to the business of men.

In fact the men hardly paid them any mind until suddenly their fight escalated to a lot more than just harsh words. No one was quite sure who threw the first punch or how it even got to that point but for some reason instead of someone trying to break them up they all just sat by watching like stones.

Despite the fact no one knew who started it, who would win became apparent very quickly. It didn’t take Mr. Corbin long before he overpowered the worker and took a hold of him by the neck, squeezing so hard it appeared as if his eyes might pop out of his head. Several workers began shouting for Mr. Corbin to let go, but still no one tried to break them up. Later workers would comment how he seemed to be in a daze, completely deaf to the words of everyone around them.  

All of a sudden Mr. Corbin snapped out of his daze and let go of Williamson who dropped to the ground. It was too late, he had murdered him, and he didn’t even remember the fight. He said the last thing he remembered was them bickering, but of course when police arrived they didn’t believe him and he was locked up. It was the first, but certainly not the last casualty that would occur during the great homes construction which began the very next day.


They say a woman dreams of her wedding day all her life, and I was no exception to this rule. For it to actually be here, happening right this moment, I Ellen Gilcrist was marrying John P. Rimbauer, the most sought after bachelor in Seattle, I felt as if I was in a dream. Our engagement had been a short one, but our honeymoon was going to be a year-long tour of the world while construction of our home was completed! Oh how excited I was to be starting this journey with my new husband!

 However, I did find myself with a horrible knot in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if it was trying to warn me of something, or if it was just regular wedding day jitters. So what if John was almost twice my age, surely that did not matter if we truly loved one another? I pushed my apprehension deep down, determined not to let silly thoughts ruin my wedding day!

Our first destination was the romance capital of the world, Paris France! My heart skipped a beat as we made our way up to the castle which would be our home for the next few months while we stayed in this country. It was nothing short of gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to see the sights!

Of course our first night in France was spent consummating our marriage. John may not have been new to this, but for me it was definitely a first. I will never forget the pain and pleasure that filled me on that night. To be one with my husband was a feeling that I just can not seem to find the appropriate words for.

One of Johns requests was that I buy as many souvenirs as I wanted, no matter the cost! He told me we would need a substantial amount to decorate our new home once we returned. The prospect of this excited me as I’m sure it would any woman! So while John attended to his business I would shop at the market until I could carry no more!

John also wanted us to have the largest collection of fine nectar in Seattle. He said that it would really impress our guests when we hosted parties, which I could tell would more than likely be a regular occurrence. I was not really a nectar connoisseur but John insisted I help him taste and pick out each and every bottle.

Needless to say I did not hold my nectar well! It’s bubbly fizz went straight to my head blurring all the decency I had left. My husband also seemed to be under its spell as we were barely back to our room before he was upon me. Kissing me like a hungry wolf devouring its pray.

Johns business began to consume more and more of his time and I found many of my evenings spent alone reading by the fire. Certainly not what I had expected my honey moon to be like. I always dreamed it would be filled with passion and romance like in so many books I had read. I was certainly disappointed, especially when my husband would return, often late at night and full of nectar.

When he was like that there was only one thing he wanted and it seemed no matter how many times he got it, he was never satisfied. How this excited and worried me so. Especially when he would come home smelling of other women’s perfume! Yes I had noticed, but never did I speak up about it, fearing what he might do to me while under the influence.

Once John had secured his business partnership with the French it was time for us to move on to our next destination in our tour of the world. I can say I was actually very relieved to finally be moving on. Next up on our list was Africa and Egypt, John not only had business to attend to, but also wanted to do some sport hunting.

MARCH 1908

We had barely been in Africa a month and I had come down with an unexplainable illness. Consumed with fevers and barely able to eat John had enlisted the help of a local woman, Sukeena, to stay at my side and take care of me while he hunted and God knows what else!

He was absent almost constantly, attending to one business or the other I am sure. He showed absolutely no concern or remorse for the disease I am almost positive he has caused me through all of his indiscretions. Lucky for me, Sukeena never left my side and brought me back from the brink of death itself! I owe her my life, and will see to it she will return home with us and be my personal attendant.

Finally when we moved on to Egypt I was feeling well enough to shop once more, Sukeena at my side of course. The market place was a very interesting place with its snake charmers and various aromas wafting out of the shops. Some of the smells were the native food, which Sukeena advised me on which I should try and which to avoid, while the others were burning incense which I decided I just had to have for our home!

John ran into several complications with his business contacts in Egypt. While he would never divulge to me in any detail the nature of these complications I knew whenever he came back in a foul mood what had transpired. It also delayed our travel for a considerable amount of time. In fact it was already late in the year and unless he dismissed the idea of the Egyptians partnership with his company we were going to miss out on China altogether!

No matter what happened though I was content as long as my new friend was by my side. She was nothing short of a blessing for me, she kept my sane when I thought I would lose it with John, she even knew me better than I knew myself! Not even a day after John had visited my tent than she could tell I was with child! How this excited me so! The thought of children made all the pain I had been through during that first year of marriage worth it and gave me the strength to try to start fresh with my husband.


Once we received word construction on our home was complete John managed to close the deal with the Egyptians and we cancelled our visit to China. I can’t say I was disappointed, one less country for my husband to leave more of his bastard children in. Arriving at the house was bitter-sweet, for I had just suffered a miscarriage and felt empty inside. If it hadn’t been for my friend I do believe I would have ended my own life as well when it happened. I could tell, without her saying anything that she felt something wrong with the house, but at least for now she didn’t speak a word of it out loud.  

John began the task of hiring on staff the very same evening we arrived at our grand house. I could tell immediately we were going to need lots of help to keep the house in top condition. The fact John hired some very attractive women did not escape my eyes, whether he realized it or not. I want to say this disturbed me but in fact I had already accepted the hard truth that this was just the way my husband was and there wasn’t much I could do aside from leaving him, which was simply unheard of.

All of our belongings which we had accumulated on our trip had already been moved in and unpacked so the house already appeared to be lived in on our arrival. John had the brilliant idea to host an inaugural ball and introduce our friends to our glorious home. So I spent my days planning, although I often got lost in my thoughts. Even when I was alone in the house I never truly felt alone. There most definitely was a presence here, but who or what that was exactly was yet to be seen.


I am in the process of writing the prologue for this story and hope to have it published by Monday, October 10th. This is a short story of which I am writing based on a real book called The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, My Life at Rose Red. Although I want to stick to the story as much as possible I will be changing some things on account of what you can and cannot do in the sims 3 which is what I’ll be using to tell the story. I’ve provided links to the book itself as well as some other fun reads which may provide a little background and insight to the story. My plan is to publish a part each week until Halloween where I plan to post the conclusion as well as provide the finished house for download! I hope you all enjoy, Happy Halloween!